cak, opo sih Free antivirus laptop terbaik ?

antivirus laptop terbaik :: Hasil riset yang membandingkan beberapa antivirus terbaik di dunia. Dapat kita lihat pada beberapa tahun mengalami pergeseran dan  siapa antivirus terbaik . Opo sih antivirus terbaik yang pernah ada?

antivirus laptop terbaik berdasarkan hasil riset

Detailnya bisa dilihat pada:

Title Date
AV Product of the Year
Summary Report 2010 December 2010 F-Secure
Summary Report 2009 December 2009 Symantec
Summary Report 2008 December 2008 AVIRA
Summary Report 2007 December 2007 ESET NOD32
Summary Report 2006 December 2006 ESET NOD32
not available December 2005 Kaspersky
not available December 2004 Kaspersky

Those below tables show the levels reached by the various products in the various Anti-Virus comparatives. The levels are set for each test by the tester. Products that got the “standard”-level can be understood as products that based on our tests have  scored good , “advanced” very good and “advanced+” excellent. For more information please read the test reports and the document with the FAQ’s.  La opo sih aantivirus laptop terbaik yang pernah ada? detailnya visit aja ke

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