bandung tourists area, several choices of tours in Bandung

bandung tourists area – Some time ago, I used a small mercedes benz bus tour to a number of attractions place that exist in bandung.  I went there with some friends, visiting Tangkuban perahu, Ciater hot water baths, hospitals boromeus, Cihampelas shopping centre, unique mall named Ciwalk and souvenir center kartika sari.  For those of you, gentlemen who intend to travel to Bandung, perhaps this article can be useful. Especially when planning a trip with people you love.

Bandung typical with the cold atmosphere. Because that area is filled with mountains. If in the morning, we could see the mist enveloped bandung. At such moments the most enjoyable if we want to try the culinary named roasted corn. Roasted corn prices ranging from Rp 5,000 -10 000, very cheap. Fair can be used as one means of body warmers in the morning.

bandung tourists area number one is Tangkuban Perahu

Okay, now we will discuss the bandung tourists area named Tangkuban perahu [perahu= boat, english] tours. An Attraction mountains became very popular in Indonesia because it has a deep history of the tribe sunda. Her story about the forbidden love story of a child to his own mother. The boy and his mother was named Sangkuriang with his mother named Dayang Sumbi. Legend has it both can meet each other and fall in love. It became, Because they have not seen for a long time. However, as the mother, Dayang Sumbi, knowing that it sangkuriang son of a sign in his head.

So as an effort to thwart the intentions sangkuriang marry his own mother, Dayang Sumbi provide a challenge to sangkuriang, a challenge that is difficult to achieve. Only, sangkuriang has an almost magical power to realize the challenges of the Sumbi, but with a certain finesse Sumbi thwarted by the ladies. So kick the boat that people know Now is a mountain Tangkuban perahu. Tangkuban at english that means flip over. Tangkuban perahu that mean a boat that flip over.  Mountains and craters are now very beautiful photos when used with people you love.

Another bandung tourists area is Ciater hot water baths..

Ciater hot water also must be visited. Its bandung tourists area location approximately 30 minutes from the mountain Tangkuban Perahu. Admission in September 2011 price is Rp 18.000/ person. Ciater is a tourist attraction hot water baths. Typically, hot water in Ciater sulfur-containing substances are beneficial to the health, esspecially for your skin.  In addition, hot water right, also gives a nice effect of relaxation for a tired body during vacation. For those who want privacy, there is rooms available that can soak 30 minutes, this price is Rp 40,000 .  I’ve tried it, very cool. I am sure you will enjoy it too.

That was then, just sharing my fun trip in any bandung tourists area . Hopefully inspire.

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