Excess use of cell phone android than a another cell phone

cell phone android - Many prospective buyers and owners are asking, what's surplus compared with theandroid mobile phone as usual. Because the technology is android for some peoplestill classified as a new technology even as a variety of advanced features in it, can make some people inconvenience users.

In fact, the cell phone android was created precisely to facilitate its users. How could I not, asthe name brand android operating system product, allowing users to update the operating system for free via his own computer. Why? Android is a free operating system like Linux.

You can already feel yourself being juxtaposed with the Linux operating systemgiants like microsoft and apple. Imagine how many dollars officially money must be spent to install the operating system, Windows or X Lion for using macbook? whereas if you use linux, just download it for free from the internet, then we install it. no additional charge most electric and pulse just download it.

as well as the cell phone android with all the convenience of complimentary amenities availablein the android market. Want to install office facilities, just look at the android marketThinkFree office or other variants. Want GPS facility? Android has been there sincewe first bought the Google Maps application that became free for every user's GPS Android. Extraordinary is not it?

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